ZIZU's Day Care & Learning Centre

Day care with learning, play and creativity at its heart.

It’s not just a business, it’s a story

With a background in technology and the digital space, working as a Global Digital Director for a multi million pound corporation, Maaz also had a very demanding job which involved him travelling all over the world and soon found himself in a different country every week. After his wife sadly passed away, he turned his attention to the care of his children and found it difficult to find flexible childcare to suit his requirements.

Partially to meet his own requirements as a single parent but also because it’s something his late wife would have loved being involved in, Maaz launched Zizu’s Day Care & Learning Centre. The name came from his son Zain whose nickname is “Zizu”. Zain and Maaz’s daughter Sophia both attended the nursery and loved it.

We take pride in everything we do

After launching in September 2016, Zizu’s has quickly became a name synonymous with childcare on Teesside.
Zizu’s is currently ranked as a top 20 Nursery in Northeast on daynurseries.co.uk with parents and carers rating the nursery as EXCELLENT and EXTREMELY LIKELY to recommend its services to friends. Read more reviews here.

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We're based at 79 Cambridge Road, Linthorpe, TS5 5NL
Call us on: 01642 214981 to arrange a visit.